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What I'm about to tell you may be hard to believe at first, and I'll understand if you're a little skeptical. But it's the 'cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die' TRUTH!





If you’re looking for permanent relief from your repeat MRSA infections, then this is probably the most important message you’ll ever read. Here's why:

There’s a TRUTH your doctor may be holding back from you.

The very treatments you’ve been using to battle MRSA could be setting you up for more serious infections … and even CANCER!

FACT : "Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) was responsible for an estimated 94,000 life-threatening infections and 18,650 deaths in 2005 ... that same year roughly 16,000 people died from AIDS" reported CDC researchers in the Oct. 17 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association.

 Why is this significant?

Because this was the first year the Center for Disease Control reported that in the United States:




... But this isn't even the worst part.

Let me explain:

It’s natural as a MRSA sufferer that you want to get immediate relief. And this is the way Western medicine has been set up — to give you quick relief BUT without considering the later damages these ‘quick fixes’ can cause you.

So your symptoms are treated while the root cause of your infection is overlooked...only for the infection to return again later.

The truth is:




Because this ‘quick-fix’ method of treating the symptoms of diseases rather than the root cause has plagued Western medicine to the extent that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is now WARNING the overuse of antibiotics has bred some ‘super bugs’ that are resistant to any antibiotics the fat-cat drug companies can throw at them.




Every time we use an antibiotic to kill an infection, some bacteria mutate (meaning adapt) to survive the attack breeding a new strain of bacteria that no longer respond to that drug.

So a more powerful drug has to be cooked up and some bacteria adapt to this new drug and this cycle continues until the bacteria finally win the fight in the end.

What this means is that the standard prescriptions from your doctor for MRSA infections can be locking you into a deadly cycle of recurring breakouts.

 … and don’t expect your doctor or the pharmaceutical companies who make your “treatments” to complain once you’re paying their high medical fees.

What’s more, bacterial and viral infections are fast becoming known as the second leading cause of Cancer!

So if you allow MRSA to repeatedly infect your body, you are inviting the very conditions for CANCER and other chronic diseases to thrive.



So if you can’t trust your doctor or the fat-cat drug companies to help stop your repeat MRSA infections, what are you suppose to do?

I mean ... what kind of safe alternatives do you have to permanently get rid of your repeat MRSA infections?

These are the very questions I set out on a research quest to answer. But before I share what I've found with you let me tell you a little of my story …  

Hi, my name is Christine Dawson. I was diagnosed with a chronic case of MRSA 7 years ago. Ugly boils and large rashes would suddenly appear all over my body and face causing extreme pain and embarrassment.

I visited multiple doctors on a regular basis to have the boils cut and drained … then I would always walk away with the usual cocktail of antibiotics.

Between the medical care, over-the-counter products and cleaning supplies - MRSA was literally costing me a fortune.

I was hopelessly and helplessly trapped into a monthly cycle of going to my doctor:

… getting boils lanced

… receiving antibiotics

… getting some minor relief

… only to have the infections return again later.

I became paranoid and would panic whenever anything resembling MRSA appeared on my body.

Questions started to plague my mind:

  • Why me?
  • Why can't my doctor stop my repeat MRSA outbreaks?
  • Is there no cure for this terrible sickness?
  • How much longer will I have to suffer from these merciless infections?




Over time the agony, frustration, and embarrassment got to me. I tried so many different things, but nothing seemed to work. doctor even had to prescribe Vancomycin (the “last resort” drug) before I underwent surgery to ensure MRSA did not ravage my surgical site.

I was so depressed because I felt as if I had no control over what was happening to me.

But after yet another severe MRSA outbreak, I finally decided I was not going to settle for my doctor’s “we’re doing all we can” explanation any longer.

... I was determined to find something to help me not only treat, but stop my repeat MRSA outbreaks from ever coming back.

For the next three months the Internet became my best friend. Like a mad scientist I dug through medical research, studied natural remedies, participated in MRSA victim forums, emailed Naturopathic doctors, and spoke to dermatologists.

By the time I was through with my research I had reviewed over 200 different websites to gain as much perspective on MRSA treatment and prevention as I could.

I was seeking something more than just general information —

I was looking for specific ways to eliminate MRSA proven either through scientific studies or clinical trials.

Most of the information I found fell into two categories:

num1 free, general information about common sense hygiene and recommendations on when to see your doctor and
num2 paid, specific information about root causes of MRSA attacks, but nothing on how to cure the disease.

Even expensive sites were silent on the solution. For this breakthrough I had to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to come up with a MRSA eradication approach that has allowed me to go …




You read right ...

After three years of worry, anxiety, and mounting medical bills — not to mention being too humiliated to go out in public—I was finally able to enjoy a life free of aggressive MRSA outbreaks.

When I started sharing my eradication program with other MRSA sufferers I had become friends with along my road to recovery and saw the results they were getting I decided, “Why not compile this into a report and offer it to other MRSA victims around the world who are suffering just like I had?”

That’s when I compiled the report "How I Stopped 3 Years of Chronic MRSA Infections."  


  • How I beat MRSA faster by NOT using antibiotics. (This is the backbone of my program and the key to freeing yourself of your repeat infections for good!)
  • The ‘secret’ $7 herb found at your local grocery store that was 98.5% effective in stopping MRSA attacks cold in as little as 3 days!
  • The little-known study that reveals how you can kill 90.4% of the MRSA on your body within minutes of exposure to a simple blue light (I’ll also tell you where you can get these lights for cheap!)
  • A topical, non-prescription solution found to paralyze MRSA colonization on your body. (This solution safely removes the MRSA bacteria on your body greatly reducing your risk of repeat infection)
  • An extremely common food additive that causes MRSA growth to EXPLODE … cutting back on this will allow your body to heal almost twice-as-fast!   

  • The DANGER of using certain types of soap ... and why your body wash may be causing more MRSA outbreaks (I’ll also reveal the name of the body wash you should use instead) 
  • A “by the numbers” checklist that shows you how I busted out of the shackles MRSA placed on my life … PERMANENTLY! (This process is so simple a 3rd grader can use it -- with no medical and technical jargon to confuse you.)
  • A common bandaging technique you should never use because if you do, your infection is almost guaranteed to spread! (I learned this the hard way, but I’ll provide detailed insight so you don’t make the same mistake).  
  • How this effective program can be safely be adjusted for small children suffering from MRSA. (This information comes straight from the University of Maryland’s Medical Center)
  • The simple tactic I used to end my  MEGA-HUMILIATING facial infections! (This allowed me to get my confidence back so I could step out into public again)
  • How to boost your immune system and block the secret places through which MRSA enters your body.
  • The “15-second secret” guaranteed to significantly reduce your chances of getting or spreading a MRSA infection (Supported by the Center for Disease Control … sometimes this 15-second ‘process’ can make all the difference).   
  • Why your pet dramatically lowers your chances of making a full MRSA recovery (Don’t worry … I’ll provide you with the proven solution to beating these odds!)
  • The truth about a new MRSA strain 5 times more deadly than other strains ... killing a full half of its victims in less than 27 days (If you’ve never heard of this strain before you’re going to want to listen to this.)  
  • If you use Colloidal Silver for MRSA … I’m going to reveal a dirty little secret most Colloidal Silver Manufacturers hope you never find out!
  • 15 Risk factors that automatically make you more likely to fall victim to vicious MRSA attacks (If you fall into one of these categories, you’ll know how to dramatically lower your risk by using some simple precautions.)
  • How MRSA has been bypassing your immune system, making you more vulnerable to repeated MRSA infections.    
  • 3 Sneaky ways bacteria win the war against antibiotics and how to make sure your body will always have the advantage.
  • The correct way to disinfect your home – and the 7 “Hot Spots” most MRSA Victims overlook!
  • How to keep MRSA at bay during pregnancy. (If you have MRSA or if someone else in the house has MRSA … I’ll explain what you need to focus on to keep your baby safe)


This report was designed to save you a ton of research time — time I have already invested for you. You’ll find the information presented in a concise and well organized way so you can start immediately.

What’s more, I kept in mind that you are looking for instant relief and not a doctoral thesis on bacteriology. So I included just the facts you need to get your life back together again.





In this report, I’m going to provide insider secrets most plastic surgeons don’t want you to know (but are essential if you want to claim your old life back).

I know how it feels to walk around with MRSA disfigured skin. I used to get some very embarrassing infections all over my face, neck, and arms. The resulting bruises and scars completely crushed my confidence.   

Heck, there were even times I wouldn’t leave my house because make-up didn’t always hide them!

But I quickly learned how to reduce and eliminate my MRSA scars…and how you can too, no matter how bad your scars may be.

Here’s a snap-shot of what you’re going to find inside this essential report:

  • An exclusive, 3-Step program I discovered from a closed-door meeting with my skin doctor that allowed me to literally dissolve my MRSA scars without emptying my wallet. (This is going to save you tons of humiliation and public embarrassment … and protect you from repulsive scars that will cause others to stare) 
  • Insider Information on a Secret technique taught by top plastic surgeons proven to break down scar tissue faster than you ever dreamed possible! (This technique is the next best thing to handing over a boatload of cash to the best plastic surgeon in town)
  • Why DISCOLORATION is the single biggest problem with MRSA scars – and a wickedly effective trick I learned to completely cancel this problem out. (This method will eliminate “darkened” scars that make it impossible for you to leave the house) 
  • An extremely dangerous FACT about Vitamin E that will rattle you to the core -- Understanding this little-known TRUTH will save you from PERMANENT MRSA SCAR DAMAGE
  • And much, much more …


This report will provide you with the information you need to effortlessly refresh and revitalize your MRSA damaged skin. And you won’t have to break the bank on high-priced lotions, creams, or oils!

For most, this method can even re-balance your skin’s natural complexion so well, no one will ever know a series of nasty MRSA infections even existed!



bonus2This report was written especially for people caring for MRSA victims at home. But let me quickly tell you the reason I’m giving it to you …

My husband was my caregiver. He took care of me night and day. He did everything in his power to ease my suffering.

There really aren’t many books on this, so he was pretty much stuck using very basic information our doctor provided.

Well, one day my husband woke up with 3 small red bumps on his stomach. We tried to be optimistic about it, but we prepared ourselves for the worst. The bumps began to swell so we took him to the doctor to get tested.

Can you guess what it was?

Yep, his first MRSA attack…

I was devastated!

I had passed to my husband this horrible disease when all he did was try to help me … he was completely innocent in all this … and it tore me apart inside.

So I wanted to create something for care givers to use … providing specific instructions on how you should care for a MRSA victim at home while you keep yourself and others totally MRSA free!

Here’s what you'll discover when you read this report:

  • The earth shattering mistake my husband made while caring for me that caused him to break out in brutal MRSA infections and how to avoid it.
  • Two types of people who should never care for a MRSA victim (this will allow you to potentially avoid the dangerous MRSA ambush that may be quietly waiting for you right now)
  • Seven critical things you must know before you begin to care for a MRSA victim
  • A step-by-step method for dealing with contagious MRSA wounds (you’ll be able to accelerate wound healing while preventing the infection from spreading.)
  • A simpler and faster way to “pack” lanced boils
  • Nine easy tips you can use to dramatically reduce your total cleaning time of a MRSA victim’s bedding area from 1.5 hours to only 25 minutes.
  • The top 2 spots in your house you need to focus most of your cleaning efforts … if you can keep these areas clean, you can practically eliminate MRSA’s possibility of spreading to other family members!
  • How to bathe a “bed-bound” MRSA victim
  • Eight critical laws to cleaning a MRSA victim’s laundry (breaking just one can nearly guarantee MRSA will spread through your house.) 
  • How to eradicate dangerous MRSA colonies that have dug deep into your carpets
  • One thing you must always consider before isolating a MRSA victim to a specific room – if you don’t, you can cause them more unnecessary MRSA flare-ups.
  • A raw listing of all the official cleaning supplies certified to kill MRSA bacteria! (Tip: Just because something says “antibacterial” DOESN’T mean it kills MRSA).
  • How to clean MRSA drainage off just about any household surface while giving the bacteria NO OTHER CHOICE but to die!   
  • Ten insider secrets hospitals use to prevent uncontrollable MRSA outbreaks between patients and staff – You better believe these mysterious methods work like magic … if not, hospitals would get their pants sued off.
  • Nine DANGER SIGNS warning you that the MRSA victim needs to be rushed to the Emergency Room immediately – recognizing these signs early can potentially save the victim’s life!    
  • And much, much more …


Armed with this complete package of information … whether you are a MRSA caregiver or a MRSA Victim stuck dealing with this nightmare on your own … you’ll have the tools necessary to exploit MRSA’s most hidden weaknesses.  

… AND you will be able to provide the most effective care possible while you STOP MRSA from spreading to others.



With this MRSA Eradication Program, along with the bonuses, you get a complete system that is all natural and guaranteed to wipe MRSA from your life forever.

But don't take my word for it. Here's undeniable proof that the same MRSA eradication system that stopped my repeat MRSA infections ... and kept me MRSA free for over 5 years ... also works for other MRSA sufferers (just like you).



"I've been MRSA Free for over 2 years now"



"I really felt that the doctor's didn't know what they were doing"



“ I Still Can’t Believe It Worked So Well ”

imgIt had been maybe four months that I’d had a MRSA infection, and no matter what I did I couldn’t find a way to make it go away. I’d went to my family doctor and gotten no better. Same story when I went to a specialist. I’d heard of these kinds of books, but I’ve never really believed in them.

But, after a couple months of my wife recommending (rather forcefully, in fact!) that I try various programs; I decided to give one a try. It was really just by pure chance that I saw your program, and boy, am I happy that I did! I still can’t believe it worked so well, I’m honestly in shock!

Thanks Christine, you’ve changed mine (and my wife’s!) lives for the better!

Thank you so much.

Jerry Pentinga -- Seattle, WA


"I've Been MRSA Free for a Year and a Half"



“ Now I Can Hold My Grandchildren Again

imgI was extremely scared with my infections. They completely stopped me from going near my grandchildren. My daughter gave me your program. It was so easy to follow and it made so much sense. Not to mention it worked. Now I can hold my grandchildren again.

Tammy Orseth -- Norman, OK



I Will Never Doubt A Natural Cure Again

I was on just about every antibiotic available:  Amoxicillian, levaquin, clendamicin, tetracycline, and bactrim.  I was so skeptical about trying this natural program but I was so desperate, I had nothing else to turn to.  All I can say is I will never doubt a natural cure again. 

Alfonzo Gilbert -- Iaeger, WV


"Freed Myself From My Infections In Under 10 Days"



“ My Daughter Has Down Syndrome And Has A Compromised Immune System; If She Can Benefit From This Anybody Can!

imgMy name is Michele Luna and I have been battling MRSA for my daughter for almost 10 years.   Ever since she was a little girl, she got recurrent boils and I always thought she was just prone to boils and that was that! 

After so many years of going to the doctor and getting antibiotics, Rocephin shots and constantly trying out one thing after another I finally figured out that this had to be MRSA.  My sister is a RN and said no doubt Elisa has MRSA.  The last straw was about 6 months ago, I tried a natural remedy from a company on the Internet for immunities and she broke out in a carbuncle the size of about a half dollar!  I was devastated.  I tried putting Betadine scrub on her skin every time she took a bath.  I knew this was systemic but what would kill this! I didn't have a clue.  I was surfing the net one day and found the book written by Christine Dawson.

This book opened my eyes and shocked me by what I read.  I started the protocol and Christine was very, very kind and only too helpful with each question I had concerning this battle that I was fighting with my daughter. I have been using this protocol for a couple of weeks but was hesitant to use the herb that Christine recommended full force.

Well, yesterday Elisa had another break out on the buttocks and I was desperate. I started giving her the herb as Christine recommended and today Elisa woke up and the lesion was barely there.  It was very red and angry and full of pus yesterday. Today it looked like it had shrunk and no pus was there.  I truly believe without this regimen my daughter would still be suffering nonstop with this monster called MRSA. 

Christine is not only honest, she is compassionate and very helpful with any questions you have.  I recommend her books wholeheartedly.  Most Internet items and eBooks are scams or they just want to take your money and run. Christine is a real person with real solutions.   I bless the day that I came across Christine.  Her book is a lifesaver.  Follow her protocol and you will definitely get amazing results. 

My daughter has Down Syndrome and has a compromised immune system; if she can benefit from this anybody can!

Michele J Luna, New Caney, Texas 


"I hated the way MRSA turned my life upside down"



"In 9 days I was infection free"



“ I Could Feel The Effects Almost Immediately … Today I’m Completely Clear”

imgI am a teacher by profession and I was really worried with my MRSA infection. It would have killed me if I accidently spread this disease to the children. 

I also had a hard time choosing outfits because I had to make sure that it would cover the infection.  I could not just wear anything because I was so ashamed of how MRSA left my arm with deep bruises and scars.  My skin really looked awful. 

Well, after my "experiments" with the doctors were getting me nowhere, I came across your website.  At first I was hesitant to try it and I feared that it’s only a scam, but when I did, it left me eating my words. 

I could feel the effects almost immediately ... now today I'm completely clear of my infections.  Thanks for taking the time to write this book.  It has literally saved my life.

Myla Garcia - Philippines


“If I didn’t try out this program, I’d probably still be suffering with MRSA today”


“ I Will Never Doubt A Natural Cure Again

I was on just about every antibiotic available:  Amoxicillian, levaquin, clendamicin, tetracycline, and bactrim.  I was so skeptical about trying this natural program but I was so desperate, I had nothing else to turn to.  All I can say is I will never doubt a natural cure again. 

Alfonzo Gilbert -- Iaeger, WV


“ I Am Back To Normal Again Because Of Your Wonderful Product ”

imgIt was not long after I was diagnosed with MRSA that I was looking at alternate options for treating the infection. After a bit of research, I found your program. It was so informative and educational. I found it difficult at first to put money into a MRSA Treatment program without knowing for sure that it would help, but knowing what I know now, it was worth every penny. If I can convince one person to go with their instinct and buy this book, then I feel I have given something back.

I am back to normal again because of your wonderful product. Thank you so much!

James N. Edwards - Mankato, MN


"I was tired of being my doctor's guinea pig"




People often ask me:




And This Is What I Tell Them...






That's the difference.


All of the above people are no different than you, in fact they are more like you than most of your close friends ...

... and the same system that helped them ... can help you too!

If you’re tired of spending your hard earned money on harsh treatments, special cleaning products and medical care that just doesn’t work, then you know it’s time to stop the vicious cycle!

According to my latest research, the average MRSA victim spends nearly $300 on medical care every time they have an infection.

Just think of the money you could save by removing these expenses from your already strained budget.

Now if I had to charge you for all the hours of research in bringing you this proven, results based program- the price may look a lot like your hospital bill. But you won’t have to spend anything close to those numbers.

In fact, you can immediately download my MRSA Eradication Program to your computer and start using it right now for only $47.

... that’s less than one visit to the pharmacist to get your usual antibiotics.

Truth be told, this is not about the money for me, but the fulfillment I get from knowing I helped rid the world of another MRSA victim.

I’ve been where you are … felt your pain … found the solution … and want to share this solution with you today.

And just to prove my commitment to you, I'm willing to provide the following guarantee:



coupleIf After Using The 12 Day (Or Less) MRSA Eradication System, You Don’t Get Near-Instant Relief Without Recurrence Of MRSA …

Or You’re Simply Dissatisfied FOR ANY REASON…

You Get a Quick, 100% No-Hassle Refund…

That's Good For 60 Days!

Seriously...this system MUST clear up every MRSA infection you have on your body AND keep them from ever coming back or you get a quick refund…anytime!
No questions asked, no buts, no ifs, no whys!

This gives you 2 WHOLE MONTHS to try this system out and PROVE to yourself it works before you even decide to keep it.  And if you're not fully satisfied, all you need to do is call this number 216-772-8492 or email this address and your refund will be in your bank account within 5 working days

... It’s that simple!

Christine Dawson


... (try getting a guarantee like this from your doctor)

This places all the risk squarely on my shoulders.

I really don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting this vital, life-changing information … let alone a mere $47.

The bottom line is this:




... You can’t lose. 

It’s hard to imagine that for 3 years I was pulling out my hair trying to escape the frustrations and depression of MRSA infections ...

But now this emotional and physical drain has been replaced, not only by a clear bill of health, but the joy of helping others, just like you, to do the same.

I’m now handing you the same opportunity to be healthy again and free from fear of further MRSA attacks forever.

Don't put this off ...


Look, your future is in your hands ...

You can either go on living like this, depressed and frustrated: allowing MRSA to repeatedly infect, bruise, and scar your body while forcing you back and forth to your doctor ... spending your hard-earned money on expensive medical bills with no real, long term relief.


You can take charge ... right here ... right now. And stop MRSA from ruining your life and your future.


It's time to get your life back ... the life you had before MRSA robbed you of it ...

Finally ... reclaim your future ... the future you want ...

NOT the future MRSA will let you have!

The choice is yours ... the choice is easy ... make it now.


picture1 picture2 bonus2

*Christine I want to reclaim my life and my future back, the life and future that these repeated MRSA attacks have robbed me of!

I am sick and tired of feeling this way every single day … fearful, anxious, depressed, helpless, hopeless, panicked, vulnerable, ashamed and repulsed.

I don’t want to feel desperate and tormented for a second longer …

I firmly believe that The 12 Day (Or Less) MRSA Eradication System can completely and totally stop my MRSA infections …IN JUST 12 DAYS OR LESS and keep me MRSA free FOREVER!

I understand that I will have instant access to The 12 Day (Or Less) MRSA Eradication System digital e-book manual as well as the two bonus e- book manuals:

* How I Eradicated Almost Every MRSA Scar From My Body

* The Right Way to Care for a MRSA Victim Without Getting Infected

I will also be given free and unlimited email support whereas if I have a question all I need to do is simply email you at and you will respond to me personally.

I also understand that I am fully covered as you are taking all the risk away from me and placing it firmly on your own shoulders by offering me a 60-day guarantee which states …

If After Using The 12 Day (Or Less) MRSA Eradication System, I Don’t Get Near-Instant Relief Without Recurrence Of My MRSA Infections …

Or I Am Simply Dissatisfied FOR ANY REASON…badge

I Get a Quick, 100% No-Hassle Refund…

That's Good For 60 days!

Seriously...this system MUST stop my MRSA outbreaks AND keep
them from ever coming back
or I get a quick refund…anytime!

No questions asked, no buts, no ifs, no whys!

All I need to do is call this number 216-772-8492 or email this address and my refund will be in my bank account within 5 working days

It’s that simple!

Christine! ... based on all the above … I am ready to take action right now to finally stop my MRSA infections and stay MRSA free … forever!





To Your Newfound MRSA Free Life!

Christine Dawson





I have a few final thoughts. The fact that you have read this far, through this entire letter speaks loudly.

... You MUST be concerned about your current health.
... You MUST be frustrated that your doctor's treatments simply aren't working.
... You MUST be ready to finally stop your repeat MRSA infections for good.

If you do not make the positive decision to finally free yourself from this infection using this proven, all-natural system ... when will you?

What more would it take to motivate you to action?

Right now, as you are reading these very words, there are literally hundreds of MRSA sufferers across the world making a decision that will change their lives for the better…

img… that will let them reclaim their lives and their future - the life and future they had before the vile beast called MRSA invaded and destroyed it all…

Are you going to be one of those people?

I can only hold your hand and show you the way…

But you have to take the first step



Instant Access - 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year!


NOTE: The 12 Day (Or Less) MRSA Eradication System is a downloadable e-book. No physical products are shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.   

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